Terrible Tarot Illustrated Reading: Miss Solar Eclipse

Miss Solar Eclipse found me from my first tarot card reading recipient, Tawanda, who shared her reading on Facebook. “I want one!” Miss Solar Eclipse said, kind of like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, although this was better and much more important than candy. First, Miss Solar Eclipse actually asked me threeContinue reading “Terrible Tarot Illustrated Reading: Miss Solar Eclipse”

I bet you thought this was Part 2 of my ancestor angels saga!

Well, you thought wrong! *buzzer buzzing* Today is the first inaugural Illustrated Terrible Tarot reading! A friend of mine (from way back when) volunteered to be my first illustrated tarot card reading guinea pig (or should I say gerbil, because I had a weird dream about teeny tiny gerbils running around everywhere).  She chose theContinue reading “I bet you thought this was Part 2 of my ancestor angels saga!”