Meditation: The dream versus reality

As an unemployed worker in the time of Corona does, I have been ransacking my living quarters, rearranging, and purging random shit. My quest for order and organization has been more Kafka-esque than Kondo-esque. Instead of explaining to most of my belongings that I no longer need them and thanking them for their service, IContinue reading “Meditation: The dream versus reality”

The Magic of Maine: A Guided Meditation

Or should I say, Maine-itation? ๐Ÿ˜† WARNING: Though it sounds (and looks!)  too good to be true, the writing below is dead serious. There arenโ€™t any jokes. Iโ€™m sorry. HOWEVER, there is a bonus feature at the end, where you can hear me reading this as a guided meditation. My voice does not naturally soundContinue reading “The Magic of Maine: A Guided Meditation”