The Story of Enchanted T**ty Glitter

I’m lying in my bed one delightful spring morning. It’s May 7th, 2020, to be exact. As soon as I open my eyes, in a fuzzy stage between being asleep and awake, three words pop into my head:  “Enchanted. Titty. Glitter.” 



I don’t even think I have ever said the word “titty” out loud before!  I’m shy and prude when it comes to using slang for body parts. I prefer to use their proper terms. Yet these three words were stuck in my head, as if it was the start of an idea I needed to follow through with.

I was udderly (is that the right spelling here? 😈) confused why this phrase came to me. Enchanted Titty Glitter? Like kitty litter? But titty glitter. And don’t forget, it’s enchanted too! 

I have had a lot of creative ideas come to me in a state between waking and dreaming, but they usually make sense to me. They don’t cause me to blush or get embarrassed.  I had always assumed the previous ideas were coming from the depths of MY OWN soul. This time, it seemed like it was a force outside of me. The idea did not feel like it was actually my own, but that I still had to make it happen somehow. 

About a week later after these enchanted words had arrived into my consciousness, I was talking with one of my favorite psychic mediums, an animal communicator (my cat had just died) named Ashley.

My cat wasn’t too excited to talk to me, but Ashley came into contact with someone who totally was! This person had recently died, and her name was Susan. I could tell by Ashley’s reaction that it really was her. Just by the pure joy and excitement Ashley exuded. 

Before I continue to tell the story about the reading with Ashley, I must say that Susan was amazing!  She made the world a more beautiful place. I was so lucky to have her in my life, even for such a short time. She was sassy, stylish, hilarious, and admirably stubborn. She loved tricking and scaring people for her own amusement. She loved cats, glitter and the color purple, which was something we both have in common. 

Susan laughing at me trying to make silly faces on camera with her.

Ashley said “she’s giving you lots of ideas and she loves it when you take them.” I thought to myself, well, this must be why I randomly bought a purple glitter laptop case even though I already had a perfectly good case already. But then…oh my, oh my! I realized that this is where Enchanted Titty Glitter came from! It all made sense. Susan was playing with me, but also daring me to do something she thought was funny, and also make me uncomfortable.  

I quickly assembled the supplies to bring my various sparkly ideas to life. I had some stickers printed with “Enchanted T**ty Glitter” written on them, to put onto containers. I tracked down biodegradable glitter that wouldn’t hurt the earth more than it already has been. I found rainbow colored sugar and various skin friendly oils, and other fun ingredients.

The first thing I attempted to create was a 90s style biodegradable glitter body gel, but I couldn’t get it quite right. I had better luck creating a glittery rainbow sugar scrub, that when I scrubbed my body with it in the shower, would delightfully splatter the colors all around, without staining it. I loved it, but after it molded when I abandoned it in the shower for a bit too long, I became discouraged.

Fast forward to this Spring, 2021. Enchanted Titty Glitter was still on my mind. It never left. It was just dormant. Honestly, I was still embarrassed about its name and how I would explain it to people. I felt like I was letting Susan down. 

One day, I was just like, OK, just TRY to make something you feel good about. It doesn’t have to be available to the whole world. You can just give it to your friends who knew Susan. They will not judge you and this unusual story. 

The morning after I perfected a purple shimmery body oil, I awoke to another phrase being whispered to me: “I told you, just doooooooo it!” That was something Susan used to say.

Photo credit: Cheryl Adams

I ended up being happy with 3 different creations:

The most Susan colored purple there could ever be

The highlight is a lavender lemon scented, shimmery body oil (that can be used anywhere you want some sparkle and glow!) in a shade of purple that I think is SO Susan. Susan loved to dance, so since the pigment eventually settles on the bottom, it forces you to SHAKE IT! (Some rose quartz crystal chips help with this).

Mermaid Bath

Then there is the Mermaid Bath. It’s a jar of bath salts with some biodegradable glitter, dried flowers, essential oils, and a bit of color from powdered butterfly pea tea flowers that tint the water slightly blue.

Body scrub, aka “Titty GRITTER”

I also returned to making the magical rainbow body scrub, since that’s better for people who don’t have access to baths. Now with a warning to use it carefully and quickly and not to let it sit too long in the shower, to avoid it getting moldy. 

Exactly a year has passed since these three silly words came to me. I have created these special gifts to give to Susan’s friends. I can’t take the credit for the Enchanted Titty Glitter Product Line, I merely made it happen.

I miss Susan, but I know she’s still having fun. I can’t wait to see what she inspires me to do next!

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I'm a witch who likes to make people laugh, but I won't put a curse on you if you don't.

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