Dead-ication: Cliffnotes Edition

You will not understand why this creepy clown painting is here if you just read the Cliff Notes 😆

Ok, so, I think I’ve been out of high school long enough to admit that sometimes I had to get creative and B.S. my way into writing papers on books that were assigned. I didn’t do this all the time, but my poor time management skills and anxiety occasionally prevented me from fully reading the whole book. 

Sometimes, I would read a book from cover to and still have no idea what I had just read. Good examples of this would be the Odyssey and whatever that medieval (or should I just say mid level evil?) epic poem by Chaucer was called.  

When this happened, I turned to Cliff Notes. Yes, those little yellow and black booklets that sorta suggested by their design to proceed with caution. 

Cliff Notes brought my skill for B.S.-ing my high school papers to another level. They could help me understand the archaic texts or help me in a pinch when I couldn’t read it all.

So, if you started reading my long ass four-part blog dedication (aka a dead-ication because the people I dedicate my blog to are all dead), and wanted to skip it or get straight to the point, may I present to you:

The Dead-ication: Cliff Notes Edition!

Caution, dead people ahead!

This blog is dedicated to the following people:

Lillian and Arthur’s wedding photo

My Grandma, Lillian, for inspiring my aesthetic and my taste for the finer things in life.

My Grampa, Arthur, for giving me my sense of humor and my stubbornness. He was also wrong about at least one thing: magic really is real!

I was a baby when my uncle graduated high school!

My Uncle Stephen for, well, everything! He’s my angel. Although he can’t talk back to me verbally, he always has a way of showing me he’s listening when I talk to him or feel his presence.

My Grammie with her opossum she adopted as a girl, she named him Herbert!

And finally, my Grammie, Claire, who’s birthday would have been today, actually! I am dedicating my blog to her for reminding me to be present and live with no regrets. To continue to make art, write, be one with nature, and learn anything I wish to learn, before it is too late.

So, there you have it! The gist of my 4 part story of the dead-ication.

Ah, so much easier, right? 😉 

Now that this is all wrapped up, I can gift you with more fun and magical blog posts. Check out my about page, as a reminder of my intentions for this blog.

And sign up for an offering! (most are free, but I will be offering another soon that will not be free).

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