The first Ever Dream Interpretation from the mind of the “Supermoon Supervisor”

It’s already in…space… it’s the…SUPERMOON!

The Supermoon Supervisor sent me this dream in her own words (with a few tiny edits by me to it make a little more sense to my readers): 

“First, I was basically part of a Chopped competition (Food Network Chopped).  I lost the first round, stayed in for the rest of it, and then moved on. I thought I was going to make salmon, in the basket there was a pork belly.  Basically I started cooking the protein too late.  

Then I was visiting the art school I graduated from. Not as a student but as an alum.  There was a drawing competition with three rounds and I started the first round.  I drew two pandas and the judges put me onto the next round.  This round we had to use color instead of just black and white.  They gave a sentence we had to do a drawing based off of.  I had to draw a “Conquered Conrad” whatever that means.  I drew 3 flying eagles.  And then I made it to the last round.  The last round was the next day, and you had to draw based off of some tough imagery they provide you.  My tough imagery was someone giving birth.  So I used it as a reference photo.  I did most of the challenge without looking at the references.  Last minute I realized I didn’t follow the prompt.  Then I woke up.”

‘Sup with that dream, Supermoon Supervisor?

You’re obviously feeling like you’re in some kind of competition(s) right now. They could be your own internal competitions, but could be external too. All these battles you’re fighting leave you confused. You don’t even want to be fighting them. You don’t understand why you are still a competitor on the field. Others, or maybe even yourself, are contradicting everything you feel, say, or believe.

When you believed you had the salmon to cook during Chopped, it represented your determination and strength, and that even though you lost the first round, you were still going to be the champion anyways! 

But, to your surprise, when you realized you were actually supposed to cook the pork belly (do you really know how to cook pork belly, Supermoon Supervisor?) it reminded you of the competitions in your waking life.  Because you were thrown off by the pork belly and cooked it “too late, hot plate,” (that’s a saying from my boyfriend Ryan that seems appropriate here) what would have been a great success story was crushed like a hammer hits a cantaloupe. It’s too late to fix that situation. You might not be able to go back to normal, but you want to. You want routine again so badly. 

The art competition is a whole other story. It’s very interesting. This competition is the reverse of the first one. I feel like this epic art battle is more your speed in terms of what you really want to be involved with. You want to be in a more realistic and fun environment. You still want a challenge, but in a different way. Try to test the waters with your own art or work by competing with yourself. And try new forms, new subjects, don’t play it so safe. 

I was always told that looking at pictures or videos of people giving birth was the best form of birth control for horny teenagers. I can’t blame you for not wanting to use those reference photos. I am pretty sure WordPress would not forgive me for posting such a picture here, and rightly so.

But I see why you were disappointed when you realized that you failed to follow the rules/prompt of the art competition. Since you woke up right after that, you were afraid of losing something you put a lot of effort into and really loved. Your art represents you. You couldn’t (panda) bare to see what happened next, because it might have involved failure.

My take is that, unlike the Chopped competition, you still would have won the whole darn thing. Being challenged in the art world is what you need as a person to grow and learn. So face your fears. The most beautiful art can be incredibly grotesque, even ugly at times. You know this. Next time, draw those gruesome birth photos, dammit!  Don’t look away. I will look away, but you can’t. 

The art competition also references back to your dreaming about Chopped. It suggests that these are both tied together somehow, serving as a contrast…Dreaming of drawing the pandas suggests you are struggling to come to a compromise with yourself or others. You and whoever you are competing with need to find the median and not the mode or the mean (I’m sorry Supermoon Supervisor, do they teach you statistics in art school?) I just mean middle ground.

I made this picture to represent that Wikipedia image associated with one of the Conrad’s that I linked below because it’s EVEN WEIRDER and more magickal than the original.

The “Conquered Conrad” and the three flying eagles are VERY interesting to me. I wonder how that even came up in your dream. After some sleuthing around on the google, I found a Conrad who was literally a conqueror in the crusades, and who is associated with this image. According to the experts at Wikipedia, the image depicts a triple headed eagle. However, when I look at that image, I see two eagles with one head, and one double headed eagle. Not three eagles. So, it’s a little off, but what the hay. 

“Conquered Conrad” could also have been referencing this Conrad, who was a roman emperor. I didn’t want to read it all because it was too dang long for my attention span, but it appears he was never conquered per se. 

But since you were asked to draw a “Conquered Conrad” instead of a “Conquering Conrad,” you need to stand up so you don’t get yourself conquered.

Eagles represent nobility and pride (which duh, that’s why that Conrad was associated with them, and why you drew them). They represent how fierce you are. You are smarter and have more powerful intellect and magic than you think. People around you don’t always get to see or enjoy your power. But you have the force of three powerful, badass eagles behind you. So don’t let your eagle-ness get attacked by some low life seagull trying to steal your food when you’re soaring in the air with that under-cooked pork belly you found in your talons. 

(Hey, I’ve been to Maine. I’ve seen some real shit go down with wildlife. Like a motherflowering Bald Eagle being chased by a measly seagull for the Eagle’s fresh kill. Apparently it happens to Eagles ALL.THE.TIME. Come on Seagulls, don’t be so lazy!).

Thank you, Supermoon Supervisor, for being the good friend who shares with me all her wacky and awesome dreams. And the first one to volunteer for this! To that, I share with you this kinda creepy hugging yet thematically appropriate gif.

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