Terrible Tarot Illustrated Reading: Miss Solar Eclipse

Miss Solar Eclipse found me from my first tarot card reading recipient, Tawanda, who shared her reading on Facebook. “I want one!” Miss Solar Eclipse said, kind of like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, although this was better and much more important than candy.

First, Miss Solar Eclipse actually asked me three questions all rolled into one:

“Will I find love and marry again or have I already “been there done that”?” Whoa there, that’s complicated!

So I guided her to simplify it a bit, and gave her a few examples.

She went with: “What’s in store for my love life?” 

My tarot cloth is from Goddessprovisions.com

The card I drew with her in mind (and thank you, Miss Solar Eclipse, for sending some of your own energy my way since you couldn’t be here in person) was the Eight of Cups.

My interpretive illustration of the eight of cups.

When I picked up the card, I was surprised.  I wasn’t sure whether it was on its reversed side or its upright side. Some people don’t read the reversed cards because they have different meanings than the upright version. I didn’t want it to be confusing. But given Miss Solar Eclipse’s question, and even the original three point question she had initially asked, I believed both meanings (upright and reversed) made sense to understand her situation. 

Upright, it looked like Miss Solar Eclipse was feeling rejected and ready to give up on love. She was considering turning her back on what she used to really care about, in love, and maybe even in life. Like, she may have been thinking that finding love should not be her priority. However, I believed she would find love, because the reversed version of the card seems to suggest a joyful celebration of love is coming. This love will look very different than she imagined it would look like when she was younger. And she will be content with that. 

There was also something interesting I noticed on the card. The sun and moon are together as one, like an eclipse. So it looks like, in the future, this partnership will be more harmonious and more equal than previous ones. 

After I explained my interpretation of this card to Miss Solar Eclipse, she thanked me and told me it was “spot on”. She wanted to talk to me more about the situation, and I learned that she has been in a wonderful relationship that is all she could hope for and need, but was starting to be concerned about where it was going because her partner seemed distant recently. I tried to access my third eye and give her some more advice. 

It turns out her partner has a valid reason to be distant, because he is grieving. I advised Miss Solar Eclipse to continue to be compassionate towards his grieving and do what she can to support him at this time. I knew it would be hard, but she needed to try to let go of the questioning and doubt. His pulling away seemed like a normal response. 

The next morning, I awoke to another message from Miss Solar Eclipse. She told me she had to take her lover to the hospital this morning. He was hiding how sick he was, so she wouldn’t worry.

I believe everything will be okay for Miss Solar Eclipse and her wonderful relationship with Mr. Lunar Eclipse, as long as she keeps her doubt in check, and Mr. Lunar Eclipse is able to heal. 

I am sending love and healing to both of you, and wish you that joyful celebration the cards suggested will come true  in the future ❤

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Um, I know I said that these tarot readings would be written by an insecure person…but…as cheesy as this one is, it’s a testament to my intuition and full heart. I guess my tarot readings and intuition are more secure than I thought, because…Miss Solar Eclipse asked me to do a real in person reading when it’s safe to go outside and meet with strangers again. Honestly that scares the bajeezus outta me, but I will definitely try it. In 2023?!

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