Come Taste my Magick Brou(hahaha)

Welcome to my first blog entry!

If you haven’t started there, please fly your broomsticks over to the “About” page, first.

3…2…1! Blast off!

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I am finally and officially ready for the launch of this website!

This morning I woke up from a dream about an imaginary restaurant with the best slushies in dreamland (I visit this place on a semi recurring basis). I thought it was real, and was planning to get up, get into my car, and go there…but there were two problems: I can’t go there because we are homebound from COVID 19, AND it isn’t real.

So, I got up, made breakfast, took a shower, and decided to get my bedroom sanctuary all tidy (I even made my bed with a little help from my friends…)

After that, I got into my power suit, slipped on my usual bling, plus some extra flair, and put on makeup so I could get into a powerful mindset for starting this project. 💎

Then I went outside to document the whole look for you, so you can feel my POWER! I even posed for you in natural, sunny light by some trees! How rare am I?! (that’s the first interrobang I’ve used in a long ass time! And if you didn’t know that that was an actual form of punctuation, well, you’re welcome!)

See what I mean by flair?

Since I’m already in my power outfit, and burning a blue candle on my altar surrounded by crystals (to keep my throat chakra open…or perhaps a bit overpowered, but never you mind that). I also drew some oracle cards next to my computer that I picked out to help me embody (hopefully my own body) my blogging goals and work on this site……..

This is “The Universe Has your Back” oracle deck that you can get here

I was hoping to be able to release this website into the universe yesterday on the new moon at 10:25 PM last night, but failed. So, this will have to do.

Now it is time to set my intentions for this site and manifest them. I did manage to do my new moon magick work for the blog yesterday by cleansing, charging and arranging my crystals on my grid and updating my altar. I tried to watch the new moon rise…but I couldn’t find it in the sky 😆😆😆 (hopefully these emojis hint that I am joking here).

So, without further ado, I shall set my intentions for this website in my magickal way that I often do:

Intention Affirmation

May all the witches and (and non witches!) and even warlocks (like my Dad!) alike feel at home here. May they be open to my twisted (and sometimes unicorny 🦄) sense of humor. This website shall be a source of joy and laughter, but never a source of cruelty (unless you believe that banishing evil forces in the world is unjust).

May people who use the phrase “live, laugh, love” perhaps find a more realistic type of slogan. That shit makes me cringe.

May my visitors be sensitive, but not so sensitive that they are offended. I am a realist and tell it like it is. However, goodness and integrity will drive me through my words and actions on this site. I will infuse it with love and beauty (my aesthetic, is best described as day glow or pastel goth but sometimes regular goth too).

May People of all spiritual backgrounds and lack thereofs be drawn to this site and be entertained. They shall find reverence in the relevance of my words.

Visitors will find their own ways to contribute to my content by letting me interpret their dreams or pull tarot cards, offer to be interviewed, ask questions, share their own work that I can promote in my links page, and contribute further in ways I cannot yet forsee (as I’m an extremely weak psychic).

And of course, you all have free will, so if you want none of this, be my guest and leave (wait, is that a contradiction?)

This will be the beginning of the growth of my humorist writing and the sharing of my experiences with the craft.

It shall be done.

Throwing in my glitter unicorn protective shield drawing as a security system.

Published by Laura 💓

I'm a witch who likes to make people laugh, but I won't put a curse on you if you don't.

5 thoughts on “Come Taste my Magick Brou(hahaha)

  1. I learned something new already – interrobang! Is there a word for using two exclamation marks? That’s what I’d use for your outdoor selfie – gorgeous! (Although with my irrational fear of scorpions, I’m averting my eyes from half of your power outfit.)

    Can’t wait to see more!! <—Two exclamation marks, so you know I mean it.


    1. yeah, some people I talked to on facebook also said they didn’t know what an interrobang was either until I posted about it! I don’t think there’s a word for two exclamation points. uh oh! I am a scorpio! hahaha 🙂 ❤


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