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Cinderella and the Couldn’ts and Wouldn’ts family

I have sat on a couch in many tiny stuffy rooms with a person paid to listen to my problems. I still do this, except now I sit at home and talk to this person through a computer screen. It’s a dream come true for depressed people like myself who can finally wear their pajamas…

New moon, new year, new you?

*Dusts away the cobwebs collecting here* Hello! It’s that time of the year (uh, it just started?) where I reflect on the years past and revisit and reset my goals and intentions for my life in the present. I’ve been an overachiever at making new year’s goals with intense urgency since I was 15 in…

The Story of Enchanted T**ty Glitter

I’m lying in my bed one delightful spring morning. It’s May 7th, 2020, to be exact. As soon as I open my eyes, in a fuzzy stage between being asleep and awake, three words pop into my head:  “Enchanted. Titty. Glitter.”  Uhhhh. What?  I don’t even think I have ever said the word “titty” out…

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